BWRT Weight Reduction



Outrageously good, BWRT helps you gain control over your body by using your brain.


During the programme you will:

✅ Learn how your body processes food and stores fat
✅ Discover the brain/body connection and the role of the hypothalamus
✅ Overcome negative self-image and psychological barriers
✅ Resolve emotional issues related to weight, including comfort-eating
✅ Utilise your natural metabolic resources to reduce weight
✅ Drop bad habits and change your mindset to learn new, better habits
✅ Use your imaginative power to create the future you really want

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What you get:

👉 A programme consistent with developments in neuroscience
👉 5 premium-service appointments in Harley Street with BWRT specialist, Claire Gaskin
👉 Ongoing support between appointments to ensure success
👉 Turbo-charged motivation to create and implement change
👉 Skills and techniques to take with you and use whenever
👉 A new mindset ready to take action and create a different future


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This programme is for YOU if you:

➡️ Already know what a healthy diet is
➡️ Aren’t looking for nutritional advice
➡️ Want to get fitter but need motivation
➡️ Have had enough of slimming clubs
➡️ Want to smash through mental blocks
➡️ Wish to harness the power of your brain
➡️ Are ready to step into the new you