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BrainWorking Recursive Therapy


BWRT specialist Claire Gaskin was the first to bring this powerful psychotherapy to London’s Harley Street. Here, she explains how BWRT is different to other types of therapy:

“Although it is a talking therapy, BWRT is consistent with developments in neuroscience.

Undesired behaviours and self-limiting beliefs start in the non-conscious ‘early brain’. – BWRT gets results because it works beyond the conscious mind, unlike cognitive-based therapies.

It can help to dissolve fears, phobias and all kinds of anxiety – really quickly – as well as improve performance and focus on future success.”

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BWRT Therapy

How fast is BWRT ?
“BWRT meets the modern demand for fast therapy and deserves its growing reputation as the go-to technique. Often, we’ll only need one or two sessions.

Even complex issues like Generalised Anxiety Disorder may need only four/five sessions.”

Will BWRT work for me?
“I’m confident that it will. I’ll be able to tell you more during your initial consultation.”

Do I have to come to your office in London?
“No. With so many clients around the world, these days I only work online via Zoom. The results I achieve are just as powerful and successful”.

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BWRT Specialist Claire Gaskin

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Claire Gaskin – Professional BWRT Therapist

Professional therapist Claire Gaskin is trained to the most advanced level of BWRT. She trained directly with the founder, Terence Watts, at the BWRT Institute, and is also a member of the College of Medicine.

Claire is well-known for getting great results and recently published an eBook of real-life success stories, using BWRT:

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With a special interest in who we are and what make us tick, Claire specialises in stress and anxiety, and with core identity issues such as poor self-esteem and low confidence.

To discuss how she can help you, contact Claire today:

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