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Read about 32 real-life success stories and discover how BWRT can help with:


☑ Anxiety
☑ Self-Esteem and Confidence
☑ Fears and Phobias
☑ Panic Attacks
☑ Depression
☑ Fear of Death and Dying
☑ Unwanted Habits
☑ Miscellaneous*


*In the final chapter of miscellaneous cases, subject areas include sexual abuse, procrastination, grief, guilt, PTSD and IBS.


Foreword by Terence Watts, creator of BWRT®:


“In the thirty-two case studies in this book, Claire shows both the width and breadth of her own expertise and the versatile power of this latest of neuroscience-based psychotherapies. She is an emissary and destined, I believe, to be a leader in the field of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®!“.



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